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It’s really all about passion.

A passion for creating that I’ve had all of my life, not only for myself
but for other people and situations, which is what compels me to be creative.

My mother was once called by my fourth grade teacher to discuss “my passion for
doodling” instead of paying attention to what she was trying to teach me. Eventually
however, I managed to put balance into my life and also I learned to pay attention.

So, now with my creative passion, I strive to create clean, sophisticated and unique
communication projects that deliver a clear, strategic purpose and message.

After all if you have a passion for doing something, you do it well and it becomes
something much other than work with a pretty face on it. It becomes an effective
communication tool that has a unique voice, belonging only to you and the 
story you are telling.

And, in the end it also becomes fun, and who doesn’t like to have fun?
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